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5 Questions Every Married Couple Should Ask

We all know the saying, “Ask better questions if you are looking for great answers”. When you are married, what are some good questions you can ask so that you can make your marital life as blissful as possible? Granted, there will be ups and downs but how can you both overcome challenges together with certainty and fortitude?

Is it even possible? Don’t ask us. Reflect on the following questions with your spouse and nothing is impossible.

1) What is one thing I can do today that will make my spouse’s life better?

Once the honeymoon period is over, it is easy for us to get carried away with the demands of daily life. But pause and ask yourself this question. Although it is a genuine question with genuine interest in making your spouse’s life better, by answering this question, you are also going to make your life better. You know the comfort and bliss of a happy spouse and happy home. Ask this question everyday and do what it takes. Just one thing.

2) What is one thing we can do together today that will make both of us happy?

We all need relief from the drudgery of routine. Is there something you both can do together today that would make the both of you happy? It doesn’t have to take too much time. If it’s too late for a movie, even slacking on your bed with hot coffee and a nice movie on netflix would do the trick. You know best what makes you both happy. Do that one thing without guilt because your marriage deserves such nurturing!

3) What are the frivolous activities that I can cut down on so that I can spend more quality time with my spouse?

Without even realizing, some of us might have added unnecessary activities to our daily lives. For example, checking and replying every text, Facebook message, or social media comments. And then replying one message might get you tied up in a 20 minute long frivolous conversation. That is precious time you could have invested in looking into your spouse’s eyes and having a heart to heart talk. Don’t let such activities eat up your time. We’re not saying that you should stay away from your phone or social media but set strict times for it and stick to it. Do not let it casually cut into your precious couple time. There is a time for everything.

4) Is there anything we can do differently to make our marriage life more exciting?

If you just got married, you might not feel this yet. But after a few years of marriage, if you don’t continually find new and exciting ways to keep your life interesting, boredom may start to set in. How do you keep this from happening? Ask better questions again. What can you do differently? There are countless ways to do something. Find a different way and it would definitely refresh your spirits and renew your excitement.

5) What is one future plan we can make that will make us look forward together?

You know that feeling when you have a long awaited trip planned for the weekend and it’s just mid-week? Would you like your days to be powered by such anticipation and the beautiful thing is that you can now share that excitement with your other half? Always have plans for the month, in 3 months’ time, in 6 months’ time etc. Continually having something in common to look forward to can make your marriage life even more interesting!

To many more successful families,

Dana Linsey

from Secret Love Notes

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