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About Us

What is Secret Love Notes all about?
We create unique, meaningful and beautiful modern jewelry inspired by the spiritual yearnings of the human soul.

Soon, we will also be bringing in heartfelt canvas arts that you can use to breathe life into your home.

What makes us different?
Our luxury jewelry are handmade in the USA. You cannot find our pieces anywhere else as they are uniquely conceptualized and designed by our own in-house designers and sold only through our website.

Why do we do this?

If you are striving to reconcile with your spiritual core, then we want to connect with you.

We deeply believe that jewelry does not only have to be general pieces of wearable art without soul. Our pieces are all imbued with soul-stirring meaning.

Go on, wear your secretlovenotes jewelry with pride and gift it to those who are still on the edge. Let your unique choice of jewelry shine light on your unique personality. Inspire the people you love to also get on this journey towards internal freedom together with you.

For now, we are starting with jewelry, but in future, we have big dreams of widening our offering.

We seek your support in our endeavor and we truly hope that you can help us bring our mission far and wide.