Radiate Love Leather Charm Bracelet


  • With love, everything becomes easy and possible. With love, this world would be a better place. If you're one who always strives to radiate love everywhere you go, then this piece of jewelry will definitely resonate with your soul. Wear and share your message to the world with pride and gift it to your loved ones who are always a source of infinite love and comfort!

    PERSONALIZED ENGRAVING: You can also engrave onto the back of the pendant your name, your loved ones' names, your wedding date, an anniversary, your child's birth date or anything else you want to remember and keep close to your heart forever.

    Our jewelry is made of high quality surgical steel with a shatterproof glass coating. All our jewelry are MADE BY MOMS in our own workforce in New Jersey, where we pay a living wage. You will also be supporting a fair wage and strong communities by purchasing this unique item.

    Product Description

    -Woven Double-Braided Real-Cowhide Leather Charm Bracelet
    -Made in the U.S.A 
    -Made from 316 Surgical Steel with a shatterproof hand-poured Liquid Glass dome
    -S/M Bracelet size 36.5 cm
    -M/L Bracelet size 39
    -Includes gift box
    -Charm measures 18mm x 18mm
    -Bracelet is 3mm wide.

    Surgical steel is one of the highest quality and most durable choices for jewelry because it doesn't rust or corrode or cause allergic skin reactions like some other more common materials (nickel/zinc/lead alloys made in China) may. It's referred to as surgical steel because it's what surgeons' instruments are made from and is a preferred material for piercings and other jewelry that touches our bodies from a safety and quality perspective.